April 7, 2016

About Us

Welcome to Austin Production Runners, your online resource for the industries best production runners in the country! Since 1998 our three founding members, who now we consider family, Kim, Erik and Frank have built a solid professional foundation in which we hold ourselves and crew to the highest standers in the country. Our motto is “early is on time, and on time is late”.

We have been very selective in who we hire in our crew to make your day as seamless as possible from bus stock to artist transportation to after show food. We are committed to arrive on site before load in  and we will be the last to leave the venue after load out is complete.

Our promise to your tour is to provide you with the best experience while you are in Austin. We guarantee timely and safe transportation of your artists and crew. We have a fleet of vehicles for your comfort and tour size and carry liability insurance policy on all of our runners to insure your safety while in Austin. Each of our runners has passed a background check and have clean driving records. We are also pleased to report we have had zero incidents in our 18 years of running in Austin. Currently we have a solid crew that exceeds 50 runners that can be available within an hour’s notice.

In addition we are experienced in artist dressing rooms, ambiance and hospitality. We also have a full local catering crew should your tour require a dishwasher, prep cook or dining room assistant. We also can provide bath and stage towels, dressing room furniture and pipe and drape.

We are fully committed to provide you with all facets of your production needs while you are in Austin. There is nothing we cannot accomplish, regardless of your complex needs for your show day. We specialize in Arena and Stadium Tours catering to all genres from AC/DC to ZZ Top.

We are a Live Nation authorized vender and we’re all trained by the industry giants. We look forward to working with your tour and we will not disappoint. We are meticulous in all aspects of our job as your production runner and promise you will leave Austin with a smile on your face!